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Couples, Step-Parent & Grandparent Adoptions in Scranton, Clarks Summit and Northeastern, PA

An adoption can be one of the most joyous occasions of your life, but because there is a high degree of concern that the adoption process be successful, and that the child in question will lead a happy, healthy and safe life, there are many rules and considerations a person or a couple will need to follow before the adoption process is completed. Without a doubt, you will need the assistance of an experienced adoption attorney to help you throughout the process.

Your lives will be scrutinized in every way, from your finances to your moral character. While nobody is perfect, you will also want an attorney to help frame you in the most appropriate way and explain any concerns that may crop up to adoption authorities.

With the assistance of Bill Peters, you stand the best possible chance of meeting all the requirements for adopting a child.

A few things to consider when you’re planning on adopting

Adoption rules vary from state to state and a variety of laws will apply to your case. If you don’t comply with those laws, your adoption may not be approved. Understanding exactly what those laws and requirements are is the biggest benefit that an attorney such as Bill Peters can provide for you.

If you’re planning to adopt a child from a foreign country, there are many more laws to comply with, as well as immigration laws. You and your attorney will need to follow very specific guidelines. They will also help you select the right country or agency to streamline your adoption process.

If you’re adopting a child from another state, you will need to follow the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children which requires filing in both states.

You will need to complete a home study course in most instances. This will not only involve training, but interviews, home visits by adoption officials, a review of your finances, and a review of your lifestyle, religion, hobbies, and daily routines as well as a criminal background check.

You will need to decide if you want an open or a closed adoption. This means that in an open adoption, the biological parents can receive updates on the adopted child and be able to maintain contact with them from time to time.

You will need to budget accordingly for the adoption process. It is best to have this discussion up front when you first consider the possibility of adopting a child.

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