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When a couple goes through a divorce, perhaps the single most contentious issue they face almost always revolves around which parent gets custody of the children and the visitation privileges. In most cases, court decisions are made with the best interests of the children in mind. However, many times it takes an experienced child custody attorney such as Bill Peters to make sure that the full benefits of retaining primary custody of a child or children in a divorce are presented in the best possible light.

Family court judges will use many standards to determine what the best interests of a child are, but in general these revolve around their happiness, security and well being. Specifically, some of the more important factors that a court considers are:

  • Which parent will provide a more stable home environment
  • The level of extended family support, including child care issues
  • Continuity of schooling and healthcare issues
  • The physical, mental and emotional health of each parent
  • Whether or not there are any past instances of domestic violence, drug abuse, alcohol abuse or mental illness with each of the parents
  • Cultural and religious issues
  • Transportation or distance issues that make visitation particularly challenging for one parent or the other

If a child custody battle turns nasty, which it can and often does, the real value of having an attorney such as Bill Peters fighting for your rights is realized. Refuting any negatives that crop up in a vigorous way can be a difficult battle without a strong strategy in place.

A child support lawyer ensures you and your children’s best interests are protected

In addition to child custody, many divorcing couples may also get into a legal battle over the level of child custody that may be involved. Child support lawyers such as Bill Peters have extensive experience in presenting a strong case when levels of child support come into question.

Although there are formulas to determine levels of child support, sometimes there is leeway in how a final figure is determined. In a divorce, because assets and incomes can be in a state of turmoil, securing every possible dollar is critical to ensure you and your children’s best interests are protected.

An effective child support lawyer such as Bill Peters will know exactly how to document information vital to your case, and then be able to present it to the courts to help you get the maximum amount you may be entitled to receive.

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