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Drunk Driving Defense in Scranton, Clarks Summit and Northeastern, PA

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If you are accused of a DUI, hiring the right DUI Defense Lawyer is a big decision. Pennsylvania’s Driving Under the Influence (DUI) laws are a complex, statutory scheme that has several interweaving parts. You WANT a former prosecutor at your side. First, Pennsylvania’s DUI laws are tiered based on the blood alcohol content (BAC) or controlled substance involved or whether the person refused to take a blood or urine test upon request where there is probable cause to suspect that a person was driving under the influence. Second, a major consideration within each tier is whether the DUI is a first, second, third or a subsequent offense.

DUI Defense LawyerPenalties can increase drastically based upon the number of prior DUI’s within a ten years period.

Finally, Pennsylvania has implemented a pre-trial diversion program called Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) for first-time non-violent offenders. To navigate these complex issues, you should consult a DUI Defense Lawyer the Peters Law Firm. It’s also important to have a DUI defense lawyer who knows and understands the nuances that exist within the different counties throughout Northeast Pennsylvania and the difference in penalties for DUI that occur on federal land that are prosecuted by the United States Attorney’s Office. We have the experience throughout the counties of Northeastern Pennsylvania and within the federal court system that prosecutes DUI.

The following description of Tiers shows the consequences when a person does not qualify for ARD, which decision is within the discretion of the District Attorney of the County in which the DUI occurs. Hire a DUI Defense Lawyer that understand these issues.

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