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Pennsylvania has specific laws prohibiting forgery that impose penalties based on the type of document or instrument in question. A forgery charge means that a person is accused of committing one of the following acts with the intent to injure or commit fraud on another person:

  • Change a document or a financial instrument without the necessary authority;
  • Make or bring to completion any fabricated financial instrument or document;
  • Present or use a forged item or document to pay for products or services or to exchange.

There is a wide variety of documents or instruments that this prohibition includes, such as deeds, wills, paper money, credit cards, seals, and identification cards. If the offense includes a government-issued instrument (e.g. paper money or securities), or a document that represents a property or business interest such as stock certificates or bonds, then the crime is a second-degree felony that has a potential punishment of up to ten years of incarceration and a $25,000 fine. However, if the offense involves forged deeds, contracts, wills, or other commercial documents, then the crime is a third-degree felony that has a prison sentence lasting up to seven years and up to a $15,000 fine.  The crimes are also considered crimes of falsehood that can seriously impact your ability to obtain or hold a job.  In addition, they can impact your ability to own or possess a firearm and vote.

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