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Allegations of Arson Charges in Scranton Often Depend on Determining Motive

Peters Law Firm Nov. 13, 2019

On the surface, starting an illegal fire that places lives or property at risk seems like an easy case to charge someone with. However, the motivation for committing the act can have a significant impact on exactly what kind of crime, or crimes, are charged.

For example, if someone starts a fire with the intent of destroying property and collecting insurance money, then, in addition to arson, that person may also be charged with insurance fraud.

On the other hand, starting a fire accidentally or through a careless action may have a mitigating impact on the kind of charges are filed against someone. That’s why it’s essential to have an experienced arson defense attorney working on your behalf.

Making the Case for a Strong Arson Defense

If there is sufficient evidence and motive, mounting a defense can be challenging. However, there are still strategies that can be implemented. These may include providing a strong alibi that directly contests evidence and motive. Providing evidence that another person may actually be responsible is another avenue to pursue. An arson investigator may also be able to support the fact that the fire was accidental or, if arson is present, that the cause is due to another person’s actions.

Debunking any conspiracy to commit arson with another individual should also be taken into account, whether it is for insurance fraud or an intent to harm another person.

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