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Federal Bribery & Corruption Attorney in Scranton, Pennsylvania

Federal statutes define Bribery as any action in which an individual directly or indirectly gives, offers, or promises anything with value to a public official to influence a formal act. These laws are meant to protect the integrity of the democratic process. Federal prosecutors often pursue bribery charges as part of a bigger fraud or corruption case. If the federal government has charged you with bribery, you need to speak to an experienced federal bribery and corruption attorney immediately.

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Depending on The Amount of Money at Play, a Conviction May Result in Up to Eighteen Years of Jail Time and Disqualification from Public Office.

At the Peters Law Firm, we know and understand the federal system and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines to best protect you from the stiff penalties that apply in federal court. We at the Peters Law Firm can be your advocate in the Northeastern Pennsylvania area, the Scranton area, and the Tunkhannock and Wyoming Counties. Reach out today.