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Protection from Abuse Attorney in Scranton, Pennsylvania

Domestic violence in any form is an ugly crime, and unfortunately, it happens with too much regularity in today’s society. When people think of domestic abuse, they generally believe that it only involves a husband and wife. But the sad truth is that domestic violence can take on many forms, and just about any kind of family member can be a potential victim. This can include children, siblings, grandparents, other elderly relatives, parents, or any other relative, or person that another may be living with. Much attention has been brought to this type of crime, and the good news is that now, more than ever, people are seeking protection from abuse in these situations.

What a PFA Lawyer Can Do for You

Rather than suffer in silence, which is what so many victims do for an extended period of time, at the first sign of abuse, it is critical to contact law enforcement officials and a PFA lawyer. Law enforcement can solve the immediate threat, but a PFA lawyer can help you put strategies in place that will protect you over the long term.

A PFA attorney such as Bill Peters will help you strengthen your resolve, assist you in clearly seeing the facts, and help you move past the victim mentality that many abused people go through.

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One of the best ways our attorney can assist is by helping victims file an emergency protective order or a restraining order. Both of these can immediately keep the aggressor away from victims until other arrangements can be made to escape a toxic situation. Violating one of these orders can result in an arrest.

A PFA attorney can also file custody or spousal support order to make sure extended family members are taken care of as well. This can extend not only to removing a physical threat but also to compelling the abuser to continue to provide financial support as well.

In too many instances, when a domestic violence situation is not resolved, it can end in tragedy. The first step is the most difficult, but it is also the most important to protect you and your loved ones if you find yourself in a situation that demands protection from abuse.

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