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Kidnapping Attorney in Scranton, Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania criminal statute defines the offense of Kidnapping in two ways. First, Kidnapping takes place, according to the crimes code, when a person removes another person from one location to another unlawfully that is a significant distance from the place that person was taken. The distance requirement is usually satisfied when the distance traveled isolates the kidnapped person and exposed that individual to an increased risk. This risk of harm cannot be merely incidental to the commission of another offense such as robbery.

Another way that kidnapping may take place under the code is when a person confines another for a significant period in a place that isolates him or her. The time required for confinement to satisfy the requirements of the offense is a case-by-case inquiry that is largely dependent on the victim’s state of mind.  The victim, however, does not need to be left alone without others to be confined in an isolating place.

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The removal or confinement of a person is unlawful if the action is accomplished by threat, deception, or force. If the victim of the crime is under fourteen years old, the removal or confinement is unlawful if the person’s parent or guardian who is responsible for the person’s general supervision or welfare does not provide consent.

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