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Are You Facing Assault Charges in Scranton?

Peters Law Firm Jan. 22, 2020

Assault is a fairly common crime. In some cases, the facts surrounding the case are fairly straightforward, but at other times, there is more than what initially meets the eye.

Assault can be charged on many levels, and there are instances when no actual physical contact needs to take place. Just the threat of striking someone and placing them in immediate fear may be enough to be charged with assault.

If a weapon is used, a more serious charge may be entered. Aggravated assault carries more severe penalties upon conviction and can also result in a civil lawsuit.

Fortunately, there are many effective strategies an experienced defense attorney may be able to employ that will prove your innocence against an assault charge.

Possible Defenses Against Assault

Some of the more common defenses against assault include:

  • Self-defense – You have the right to defend yourself against another person, and this strategy will have merit if you can show that you believed there was a threat of being harmed. Generally, you must also be able to show that you did not provoke the other party and that you did not have a reasonable chance of backing down or being able to escape from the immediate danger.

  • Defending other people – The same standards used in self-defense apply, but your actions were taken to defend another person.

  • Defending property – If someone trespasses on your property in a menacing way, you may be able to claim that your actions were taken to defend your home and/or your personal property.

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