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Arson Charges Defense Lawyer in Pennsylvania

Peters Law Firm July 31, 2020

The crime of arson is the deliberate or reckless burning of property or land. This crime is often committed by a perpetrator who owns a building and wants to collect the insurance on the building due to a failing business or similar. However, it is committed for other reasons as well, such as gang related motives. Arson can often result in unintended consequences, like having a nearby building also catch fire and burn to the ground. If you have been charged with arson, it is crucial that you hire the best arson charges defense lawyer you can find, because defending arson cases requires thorough and expert investigation.

Penalties for Arson

The charge of arson is a serious one and is nearly always a felony. The most serious type of arson is first degree arson, in which the perpetrator burns down or uses an explosive to destroy someone else’s building. This type of arson is a class 3 felony, but if, in the course of committing the crime, someone is injured or killed, then manslaughter or homicide charges may also be added. First degree arson alone can result in a penalty of fines up to $25,000 and up to 35 years in prison. Second- and third-degree arson both involve burning any property, even if it is not a building. Depending upon the value of the property, these crimes are often also felonies. Starting any fire that endangers other people, even if no property is burned, is fourth degree arson and can be a felony or misdemeanor.

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