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Being Charged with Fraud in Scranton

Peters Law Firm Feb. 19, 2020

Fraud is loosely defined as intentionally deceiving someone for monetary or personal gain. In Scranton, fraud can take on many forms. You could be accused of identity theft, bank fraud, real estate fraud, credit card and check fraud, forgery, tax evasion, wire fraud, stocks and securities fraud, among other similar criminal activities.

Not only could you face criminal charges, but you could face civil charges as well. Your victim(s) could choose to try to recover funds that you stole from them, doubling your misery if you are accused.

Additionally, because many fraud cases can involve the banking system, you could also be facing more serious federal charges, which could further complicate your ability to defend yourself.

You Have Options to Defend Yourself Against a Fraud Charge

If you’re charged with any kind of fraud, you need to work with an experienced local attorney to develop the best defense strategy for your case.

Many fraud cases center around intent, so an attorney will focus on your intent to defraud someone. If it can be shown you lacked proper intent, you could be found innocent. Keep in mind that fraud cases often center around a lot of forensic digging to produce evidence to support a claim of intent. It’s critical to cooperate with an attorney to prove it was either an honest mistake or that the intent was in doubt.

It is also important to not get discouraged. Being charged does not automatically mean you are guilty. Mounting a defense as quickly as possible is key to maintaining a positive outlook while you work through your case.

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