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Felony Charges in Scranton Can Result in Lengthy Prison Terms

Peters Law Firm Jan. 29, 2020

In Scranton, felony charges are reserved for the most serious of crimes, which can include burglary, robbery, various white-collar crimes, murder, and other major infractions of the law.

Felony convictions can result in lengthy prison sentences and hefty fines. Because the rest of your life will likely be impacted by a felony conviction, it is a necessity to find the best possible defense attorney to represent you.

In some cases, felonies may be charged at a federal level, which further amplifies the need for a vigorous defense. Federal prosecution can come into play with drug and banking crimes, with considerable federal resources employed in an attempt to gain a conviction.

How Sentences Are Determined in a Felony Charge

The Pennsylvania Sentencing Commission has established sentencing guidelines for each felony conviction in the state. There are several factors that go into the guidelines. The most important of these are 1) whether or not a defendant has a prior criminal record and 2) the degree of seriousness of the crime.

Different crimes are ranked based on what is known as a gravity score of between 1 and 15. The higher the score, the longer the sentence will be. Gravity scores can be adjusted based on mitigating or aggravating circumstances.

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