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Peters Law Firm April 8, 2020

More people than ever rely heavily on the internet for a number of daily activities. With this dramatic shift and the widespread use of computers, cell phones, tablets and laptops, authorities have also begun to shift more resources into potential criminal activities. Enforcement is complicated and continues to change as technology reverberates throughout every part of society.

Sometimes, law enforcement can get too zealous in their well-guided attempts to keep the law.  And, unfortunately, innocent people can face charges related to the use of the internet. Perhaps the most common of these are instances of internet sex crimes.

Internet Sex Crimes Can Be Charged Several Different Ways

Charging someone with committing sexually related crimes on the internet can take many different forms. Penalties can be harsh for crimes such as cyber-stalking, luring minors, prostitution, and many types of crimes related to child pornography.

Internet sex crimes can be charged at both the state and federal level. However, the FBI has made combatting child pornography crimes a priority for its agency. Compared to the state, the FBI counts with added resources and sophisticated crime and evidence gathering techniques.

This aggressive stance can mean that innocent people are entrapped or charged with crimes even though they did nothing wrong. Proving one’s innocence is critical and requires a seasoned internet sex crimes attorney to fight on your behalf.

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