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Have You Been Charged with An Identity Theft Crime in Scranton?

Peters Law Firm Nov. 27, 2019

Identity theft crimes in Scranton have increased dramatically in recent years due to changes in the way society employs technology and the number of credit transactions that take place online or at brick and mortar locations.

Identity theft is a white collar crime that must be defended by an attorney with a proven track record of success, as only then will the defendant have the best possible chance of being found innocent of this type of crime.

Identity theft can take place in a number of ways, including but not limited to:

  • Social Security identity theft

  • Insurance identity theft

  • Financial identity theft

  • Tax identity theft

  • Driver’s license identity theft

  • Credit card identity theft

  • Medical/Medicare/Medicaid identity theft

Identity Theft Can be Linked to Other Types of Crimes

Identity theft is often linked to criminal activities such as immigration fraud, terrorism, and espionage. This means that law enforcement agencies are particularly vigilant when they uncover the possibility of these other crimes taking place. The FBI can become involved and charges can be elevated to federal charges that might result in huge fines and long prison sentences.

Several defenses can be used in your defense. However, if the facts of the case are complicated, then your case may require a lot of time and effort to strategically defend. This is why getting a seasoned defense attorney on board as soon as possible is critical.

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