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Hiring a Robbery Charges Defense Lawyer in Pennsylvania

Peters Law Firm Nov. 9, 2020

Robbery is the theft of someone’s property by using force or intimidation. In general, robbery is considered to be a third-degree felony, but if someone sustained bodily injury during the robbery, it then becomes a second-degree felony, which is more serious. Third- and second-degree felonies can carry penalties of up to seven to ten years in prison, respectively. A robbery can even be a first-degree felony if a victim is seriously injured, which may involve a sentence of up to twenty years in prison. The charge of robbery is always a serious one, which is why, if you’ve been charged with this crime, hiring a robbery charges defense lawyer in Pennsylvania is a good idea.

Creating an Effective Defense

A robbery charges defense lawyer will thoroughly evaluate your case in order to create an effective defense for you if you’ve been accused of robbery. He or she will look for video camera footage of the event if it is available and will interview any existing witnesses. All elements of the robbery are investigated before the lawyer attempts to negotiate any sort of plea bargain in order to reduce the sentence. There are several possible defenses for the crime of robbery, including the defendant having an alibi or the robbery being committed under duress. If the defendant believed he/she had a right to take the property or had the consent of the property’s owner, this is another possible defense.

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