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Homicide Charges Defense Lawyer in Pennsylvania

Peters Law Firm Oct. 23, 2020

There isn’t a charge in all of the fields of law that is more serious than that of homicide. However, the penalties for this charge may vary greatly according to what degree of homicide a person is charged with. It is not always necessary for the guilty party to have directly taken another person’s life to be charged with homicide. The charge can also be given to someone who was active in causing the death or whose negligence was the cause of the death. In any case, being charged with homicide means that you need the most skilled and experienced homicide charges defense lawyer that you can find. This type of charge has life-altering consequences, and you need a lawyer who will fight to vigorously defend your rights.

Degrees of Homicide

The most serious homicide offense is murder in the first degree. In this type of murder, the killer intentionally committed premeditated murder, taking someone else’s life. This murder is planned ahead of time. Murder in the second degree is a murder that was committed during the commission of another crime or felony. For example, if someone is robbing a bank and shoots at the security guard who is pursuing him, but the bullet bounces off a wall and kills a bank customer, that may be ruled as second-degree murder. Third-degree murder covers all other murders, and manslaughter is a less serious crime, but it also a felony. Aiding in or causing the suicide of another is also considered to be a form of homicide.

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