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How a Drug Case Attorney in Scranton, Pennsylvania Can Help You

Peters Law Firm Dec. 4, 2020

If you’ve been charged with the possession, sale, or manufacture of an illegal drug, you are facing a serious charge that can potentially alter your life. Having a drug charge on your record can jeopardize your professional reputation and could even end your career or seriously limit your chances of getting the job you want. It may become impossible to qualify for a professional license, and you may have difficulty getting a mortgage for the home of your dreams. A drug charge can even affect your relationship with your family or those you love. If you’re facing a drug crime charge, you need the help of an experienced Pennsylvania drug case attorney. This attorney can help to protect your freedom and will be your legal voice in all dealings with law enforcement.

How Illegal Drugs Are Classified

Drugs of abuse that are often the reason for a drug charge are classified into “schedules” according to their potential for abuse. The lower the schedule number, the more serious a drug-related crime involving that drug will be. For example, heroin and MDMA, or ecstasy, are both drugs that have no therapeutic value and have a great potential for abuse or addiction, so they are both classified as Schedule I drugs. Schedule II drugs include cocaine and oxycodone, which both have some medicinal value but which still have a high potential for abuse. Crimes involving Schedule I drugs carry the most serious penalties and can mean years of prison time. However, all drug charges should be taken seriously because having them on your record can have long-term repercussions.

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