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Mounting a Solid Defense Against a Kidnapping Charge in Scranton

Peters Law Firm April 1, 2020

Kidnapping is considered one of the most serious criminal charges in Scranton and throughout the United States. A conviction can result in a life sentence in prison. The stakes are high in this type of situation, which is why it’s critical to have a seasoned attorney by your side to mount the best possible strategic defense.

Possible Kidnapping Charge Defenses

Depending on the facts of a case, mounting a defense can challenging. However, several possible strategies might be used.

Many cases are won by proving that a supposed victim actually agreed to go with the defendant.  This removes a key element of a kidnapping case because consent was involved.

In other cases, ignorance or a mistake may be claimed if a person does not know or believe they were committing a kidnapping. For example, a person might be able to claim and show they thought they were acting under the authority of the law, such as in a child custody case.

It may also be possible to claim that a person was coerced, or forced to commit a kidnapping, under the threat of another who wanted to harm them. In this case, it must be shown that the defendant (or a loved one) was under a real and credible threat of bodily harm or death if they did not comply with the kidnapping demands of another person.

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