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Pennsylvania Federal Crimes Defense Attorney

Peters Law Firm Jan. 29, 2021

A federal crime is a crime that crosses state lines or that involves federal property or personnel. These crimes are prosecuted by the federal government and their investigations are handled by federal agencies like the FBI or DEA. These investigations can be intimidating and scary, and those who are convicted of federal crimes generally face higher penalties than for other types of crimes. The defense of a federal crime is a specialty in the field of law, which is why, if you’ve been charged with a federal crime, you need to hire an attorney who specializes in federal crimes defense. When federal agencies conduct an investigation, they are often aggressive, especially if the crime involves interstate drug trafficking or corrupt organizations.

Types of Federal Crimes

There are many types of federal crimes that range in seriousness from small-scale mail scams to enormous organized crime rings like drug cartels or human trafficking rings. Bank related crimes like check fraud or bank robberies are federal crimes because banks are a part of the federal government, and securities fraud is a federal crime because stocks are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Fraud involving government programs like Medicare and Medicaid are also federal crimes, and they are often carried out via computer which means they are also cyber crimes. Various types of corporate and white collar crime are also within federal jurisdiction and often very complex, requiring experts in the field of computers to investigate them and figure out who the guilty parties are.

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