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Pennsylvania Money Laundering Charges Defense Attorney

Peters Law Firm Feb. 12, 2021

Money laundering is an often complex crime that involves hiding the illegal flow of money that is usually gained by some other criminal activity like embezzlement. In order to be a crime, money laundering activity must be intentional. Money laundering is often a white collar crime that is hard to track, as large amounts of money are broken down into small deposits or channeled in some other way so that it isn’t obvious that somebody made a lot of cash doing something that was illegal. Because of this complexity, it’s also easy for an innocent party to be accused of money laundering that may have been going on without his/her knowledge. If you’ve been accused of money laundering, you need a money laundering charges defense attorney who is familiar with the complicated paths of money laundering.

Penalties For Money Laundering

Money laundering is a serious charge that can lead to large fines as well as prison time. The severity of the possible penalties depends upon the value of the money involved in the crime. Often, federal agencies become involved in money laundering investigations because the crime may involve banks or may go across state lines. Money laundering in Pennsylvania is considered a first degree felony, and the perpetrator can be charged a fine of up to $100,000 or twice the amount of money that was involved in the offense. There is also usually prison time, and having this crime on your record can forever ruin someone’s business reputation.

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