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Scranton Money Laundering Cases Can Be Lengthy and Complicated

Peters Law Firm April 22, 2020

Several state and federal laws are on the books regarding money laundering. For example, the Money Laundering Control Act prohibits people from engaging in financial transactions with the proceeds of various types of crimes. This is further strengthened by the USA Patriot Act that was passed following the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001.

With these and many other laws on the books, it is possible to trigger and prosecute a case in many different ways. If you are charged with money laundering in Scranton, your defense could also take a long time to develop, as many complex pieces of evidence are examined by both sides.

Money Laundering Is a Federal Offense

Because money laundering often involves U.S. banking businesses, crimes are prosecuted at a federal level. This means more prosecutorial resources are available and will be applied to your case if charged.

Money laundering cases involve extensive investigatory work, meaning that even if you are innocent, your life could be disrupted for a long time to come. Penalties for money laundering are also sizeable, so it’s imperative that you hire a defense attorney with many years of experience in a federal courtroom and one who is familiar with banking laws to act on your behalf.

A defense attorney can employ several defense strategies. The most common is to show there was no evidence of criminal intent. It may also be possible to show that there is no evidence that the funds in question were derived from a crime, or that there is no evidence of hiding money.

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