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Stalking and Harassment Charges Have Consequences in Scranton

Peters Law Firm March 11, 2020

In Scranton, a person who engages in threatening, obnoxious, or intimidating behavior against someone else may be charged with stalking or harassment. Harassment differs from stalking in that it usually only involves actions taken through communication mediums, such as messaging and emailing. On the other hand, stalking or bullying involves physically showing up to another person’s home or place of business.

Law enforcement officials take these types of crimes seriously as they have seen that this type of behavior can lead to physical violence. As such, they are quick to step in, even when it is not certain that the behavior crosses a legal line.

Additionally, it is not uncommon for an alleged victim to put different types of restraining orders in place as a response to a perceived threat.

Using Stalking and Harassment As a Weapon Against an Innocent Person

In many cases, especially in divorces where child custody is an issue, one spouse may accuse another of stalking, harassment, or intimidation as a means of gaining the upper hand in a divorce or settlement action.

Proving the facts of a case and a relationship can be problematic. Police will often err to the side of caution after listening to what may be two very different accounts of the facts. However, with the help of a seasoned defense attorney, it is possible to get to the truth, sometimes quickly, and sometimes after a lot of investigating.

Regardless of the situation, when you are charged with stalking,  it is critical to be honest and in control when telling your side of the story. If your case does have some merit and you follow your lawyer’s lead closely, you may be able to reach a plea bargain deal and have any penalties dramatically reduced.

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