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Technology Has Changed the Way Sex Crimes Are Prosecuted in Scranton

Peters Law Firm Feb. 12, 2020

With the rise of technology and the move to a more online-based world, sex crimes have become more prevalent than ever. These not only include rape or sexual assault, but can also include child pornography, online solicitation, luring, and other forms of criminal sexual activities. Given such, law enforcement has become more aggressive than ever in trying to combat these forms of sexual criminal activity.

Your Defense Will Depend on the Type of Sex Crime You Are Charged With

There is a wide range of sex crimes you can be charged with, and, depending on the charge, you may be able to mount specific defenses to those charges. For example, rape is one of the most serious and highly emotional accusations that can be made against you. If you’re charged with rape, you are facing severe consequences. The most common defense for rape is that the sexual activity was consensual.

In cases of child pornography, which draws a lot of attention because of the implication that minors are involved, it is possible to focus a defense around the concept of intent. A prosecutor must show that the defendant intended to possess child pornography and that they knew both what the image was and that it was illegal to possess it. This opens up many possible defense strategies for a skilled sex crimes attorney.

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