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The Difference Between Federal and State Crimes in Scranton

Peters Law Firm March 18, 2020

Most of the time, people are charged with crimes at a state level. This can be for crimes such as assault, burglary, robbery, murder, or other similar transgressions. While these charges can result in serious penalties upon conviction, when a person is charged with a federal crime, the stakes are raised considerably.

Federal prosecutors will charge defendants with a variety of crimes, such as certain drug crimes, white-collar crimes, fraud and banking crimes, and other violations of federal statutes. Federal officials have more resources than state prosecutors and will take more time to frame a case than a state official. This means that if you are charged under federal statutes, you need the best and most experienced federal crimes attorney you can find and afford to maintain your freedom.

Less Leeway and Longer Sentences Can Be the Norm with a Federal Conviction

Upon conviction, a defendant will be subject to federal sentencing guidelines, a different set of laws that govern how the sentence is imposed. Judges have much less flexibility when it comes to imposing a sentence and penalties are often much harsher. Jurors are also less sympathetic than local jurors might be in a case because federal trial juries are pulled from a much larger and diverse pool of jurors.

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