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There Are Many Types of Computer-Based Crimes You Can Be Charged with In Scranton

Peters Law Firm Jan. 15, 2020

With the proliferation of computers and an online-based economy, law enforcement officials in Scranton and throughout the world are seeing a marked increase in the number of crimes that are being committed through the use of computers.

This can include everything from identity theft and cyber-stalking to harassment, fraud, theft, and pornography crimes. Law enforcement officials are deploying more resources than ever to this burgeoning area of criminal enterprises.

However, it also means that in many cases, they may be overzealous in their pursuit of possible criminal activity, and that can result in innocent people being charged with crimes. As a result, the need for experienced computer-based criminal charge defense attorneys is at a premium.

Computer Crimes May Be Charged at Both a State and Federal Level

Many computer-based crimes can be charged as felonies, some cases (such as those involved with child pornography) at the federal level. Penalties can be severe and may result in lengthy prison terms and sizable fines.

It is possible to defend yourself against these kinds of charges in many cases. Possible defenses can include unintentional acts, cases of mistaken identity, etc., that can raise the specter of reasonable doubt in a jury’s mind.

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