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When You Need a Burglary Charges Defense Attorney

Peters Law Firm March 12, 2021

A charge of burglary is a serious charge. In order to be convicted of burglary, someone must have entered a building in an unauthorized way with the intention of stealing something or of committing a crime. Burglary is different from robbery, which is taking property from someone without permission with the use of force or intimidation. The charge of burglary is often a felony and always leaves a negative mark on your criminal record which can interfere with your ability to get the job you want, to get a loan, or even to buy the house or rent the apartment of your dreams. If you’ve been charged with burglary, you need to speak with a skilled burglary charges defense attorney who understands the laws and penalties related to this crime.

Possible Burglary Charges Defenses

There are many ways in which an experienced attorney may defend a client when he/she is charged with the crime of burglary. The prosecutor must be able to establish the client’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, so it can be argued that the client or defendant believed he/she had the consent of the building owner before entering. If the defendant had no intention of committing the crime, then the element of intention is lacking and he/she may be found innocent. There could also be a case of duress or entrapment in which the defendant was somehow forced or convinced to commit the crime, which would then absolve him/her of responsibility. A skilled attorney may consider using any of these defenses to reduce the client’s charges and penalties.

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