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When You Need a Computer Crimes Defense Lawyer in Pennsylvania

Peters Law Firm March 26, 2021

In the modern digital world, computers are everywhere and are used in nearly every type of business or work. They are used for billing purposes in health care and for invoicing and record-keeping in many other types of companies. Credit card fraud and identity theft are rampant, with perpetrators often using computers to carry out these crimes. Child pornography and even abduction of teens and children are also initiated via the Internet, with victims sometimes being sold into human trafficking. However, in large, complex businesses, and even in other computer scenarios, it is sometimes possible to be accused of a computer crime when you’re not even aware it was taking place. That’s when you need a computer crimes defense lawyer in Pennsylvania.

The Complexity of Computer Crime

To build an effective defense against computer crime, a lawyer must understand how computers are used in a business and must be familiar with the types of computer crimes that are commonly committed. This means that he/she must hire expert consultants who can investigate these cases to uncover what was really happening behind the scenes. In some Internet fraud cases, a defendant may have responded to a phishing attempt or may not have known that a form he/she filled out was fake, so personal information may have been given out that should have been kept private. Ransomware and malware attacks are also common and can jeopardize the confidential files or information belonging to an entire company or local health care system.

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