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When You Need a Fraud Charges Defense Attorney

Peters Law Firm April 23, 2021

The crime of fraud, or intentional deceit of another for the purpose of financial gain, is a crime that is all too common and has been around for a long time. But in this digital age of computers and the Internet, perpetrators of fraud have gotten even more creative and have more ways in which they can deceive others than ever before. If you’ve been charged with a fraud crime, you need a fraud charges defense attorney who has the knowledge and resources to deal with the many complex types of fraud that exist in today’s modern digital world. To effectively defend fraud crimes, computer experts and other similar professionals are often needed, along with experience and expertise.

Types of Fraud Charges

There are many different types of fraud charges that exist in almost every category of human endeavor. From business to health insurance to cyber crime, fraud is everywhere. There is fraud that is related to mortgages and real estate as well as securities like stocks and annuities. Fraud that is related to private and government insurance agencies is also common, with Medicare fraud costing taxpayers billions of dollars a year. Identity theft is another form of fraud that can cause great financial distress to private individuals. Penalties for fraud can be severe, involving both civil and criminal fines as well as years of prison time. If you are facing charges of fraud or are the target of a large fraud investigation, you need legal representation you can count on.

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