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When You Need a Harassment Charges Defense Lawyer in Pennsylvania

Peters Law Firm May 7, 2021

Being charged with the crime of harassment is embarrassing and humiliating. It can greatly jeopardize your personal reputation even if you are innocent and the accusations are not true. In the state of Pennsylvania, the crime of harassment can be classified as either a summary offense or a misdemeanor. Accusations of harassment commonly come up in situations like divorce or the breakup of a romantic relationship in which one party is receiving unwanted communication from the other party. This type of communication can be either in the real world or online via the Internet. The concept of harassment is a subjective one, which means that sometimes people are accused who are not guilty. If you’ve been accused, the smart thing to do is to consult with a harassment charges defense lawyer.

What Constitutes Harassment

The foundation for defining activities that can be considered harassment is that they are either “threatening” or “unnecessary”, or both. This can involve activity like physically striking or shoving someone or threatening to do so. Communicating anonymously by doing things like sending unwanted emails, gifts or hang-up calls as well as following someone around in public can be considered harassment. Doing repeated acts that are unnecessary or calling someone late at night or during hours when they’re known to be sleeping can also be classified as harassment. The intention of these acts is to annoy or frighten the victim. However, it should be known that the false reporting of harassment is also a crime.

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