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When You Need a Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

Peters Law Firm May 21, 2021

When it comes to your personal and professional reputation, being charged with a sex crime is a guaranteed way to ruin both. If you’re found to be guilty, your life will probably never be quite the same. If you’re a licensed professional, you could lose your license and career. If you are added to a sex offender registry, this could affect your ability to get housing or to get a loan. If you are married or dating, the accusation could jeopardize your relationship. That’s why if you are facing the serious charge of a sex crime, you need to hire a sex crimes defense attorney who will work hard to defend your rights and get a positive outcome for you.

Possible Sex Crimes Defenses

When someone is accused of a sex crime, the accuser has the burden of proof. This means that she or he must be able to find proof that you are guilty that is beyond a reasonable doubt. There are many possible defenses that can be used by an attorney to protect your rights in the case of a sex crime. For example, if the crime is a computer crime that involves child pornography, a sex crimes defense attorney can raise the question of whether or not you were the user of the computer. If there was mutual consent of the two parties, this is another possible defense that can be used. An experienced sex crimes attorney will be familiar with the various defenses that can be used in a sex crime charge and can evaluate your case to determine those that may apply.

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