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Who Is the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Scranton, PA?

Peters Law Firm Nov. 27, 2018

Have you been accused of a crime? No matter what time of criminal defense case you are trying to put together, you may quickly find that there are two types of criminal defense attorneys: Assigned attorneys, such as public defense attorneys, and private attorneys, the type that you hire. Although there are many different attorneys available to you, the best criminal defense attorney in Scranton, PA is going to be a privately retained attorney who can focus his or her attention on your case, not a public attorney assigned to your case and a hundred others.

Why Hire a Private Attorney for your Criminal Defense Case in Scranton, PA?

Public attorneys and private attorneys are both quite capable, but private attorneys have much smaller caseloads and as a result, are generally capable of focusing their attention on your criminal defense case much more seriously, which means that you are more likely to get a custom-tailored approach to your defense. If you want a better shot at winning in your criminal defense trial, then you are going to want a good criminal defense attorney in Scranton, PA. Serving a great many of the counties in northeastern PA, including Lackawanna County, Susquehanna County, Wayne County, Luzerne County, Tunkhannock and Wyoming County, the Peters Law Firm is a criminal defense law firm in Scranton, PA that custom tailors each defense case toward the defendant.

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