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Defending Yourself Against a Homicide Charge in Scranton

Peters Law Firm Dec. 4, 2019

Homicides are among the most serious of crimes. Even if you are not guilty of the crime, a homicide charge will impact your life in many significant ways.

In Scranton and throughout Pennsylvania, homicide is charged in many ways: first-degree murder (with intent), second-degree murder (not premeditated), third-degree murder, and manslaughter. All of these carry long prison terms upon conviction, which is why you need the best possible homicide defense attorney to represent your interests as soon as possible.

How to Mount an Effective Homicide Defense

The most common defense against a homicide charge is that the act was justified. Justifiable homicide can be employed in cases of self-defense, where a defendant acted out of a reasonable belief that their life was at risk. You generally must be able to prove that you were not the aggressor and that you used an equal amount of force against someone who was threatening your life.

You can also claim justifiable homicide if you are defending the lives of others or if you are defending your property against a menacing trespasser, such as might be the case in a home invasion burglary.

Other defenses used are based on the inability to intentionally kill. This covers insanity or temporary insanity, intoxication, or the fact that you were unconscious at the time of the killing and therefore not able to carry through with the act.

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