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Robbery is the theft of someone’s property by using force or intimidation. In general, robbery is considered to be a third-degree felony, but if someone sustained bodily injury during the robbery, it then becomes a second-degree felony, which...
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Because of recent tragic events like school shootings, the laws that regulate guns in the U.S. are constantly changing and sometimes it’s a challenge to know what is legal and what is not. The state of Pennsylvania is...
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Those who work in a public office are expected to conduct themselves with integrity at all times, having the best interests of those they serve in mind. Historically, however, some of these officials have failed to do so,...
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Since white-collar crime is a growing type of crime that affects many types of industries and settings, it is not uncommon for a business or corporate leaders and other employees to be accused of it. Fraudulent activities can...
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In the state of Pennsylvania, illegal drug use is highly frowned upon and anyone who is charged with a related crime is likely to be treated with contempt and suspicion by law enforcement. If you’ve been accused of...
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